Facial/Face Clean Up(Facial in Thane)

Facial in Thane West involve a cleansing procedure, a massage and steam, and the application of a facemask. What they help to do is remove the dead, dull outer layer of cells that make up the skin's surface or epidermis along with pollutants. The massage, which is an important part of a facial, helps blood circulation, which in turn aids lymphatic drainage (the removal of toxins and waste from the body). A massage also relaxes the facial muscles and is very important to delay the onset of wrinkles. The face is steamed during a facial for two main reasons. Firstly, steam helps the skin absorb products better. Secondly, it helps in softening blackheads and whiteheads so that they can be removed easily. The application of a facemask, in the end, helps tone and clarifies the skin. Not Only Facials but also Face clean up in Thane West bring the best results to your Facial skin when done with a proper product protocol and of course the best result oriented products.

We, at White N Bright Spa and Salon in Thane West know that regular face cleansing and good facials are woman’s best friends! In addition, our face clean up treatments and facials are suitable for men’s skin as well. Removing the pollutants and accumulated make-up, pore opening, thorough cleansing, massage, hydration, nurturing, and pore closing are among the steps we do to keep your skin glowing.

Basic Facial Clean up

The basic facial care or cleansing treatment consists of facial and skin diagnostics. Our specialists also measure the percentage of sebum and moisture. Determining your skin type and condition is important because the type of treatment depends on it. Mixed, oily and problematic skin shows a great tendency to augment sebum secretion, and if people with this type of skin don’t do face cleaning, impurities and sebum accumulate in the pores, which expand and become prone to inflammation and acne. On the other hand, dry and sensitive skin is prone to irritation and burning sensations. After we make the quality analysis of your skin, we determine the treatment type. The basic facial cleansing treatment includes both vaporization and mechanical cleaning. Treatment is completed by applying a face mask as well as a face care cream. In addition, we apply a special cream around the eye area. Finally, a detail that we do not miss, and which refreshes the appearance of your face, is certainly correction of your eyebrow design. The basic care treatment is selected based on the results of your skin testing. Of course, this is related to the control of the percentage of oiliness and moisture according to the specific requirements of your skin. The basic treatment should be done monthly or more often. The 3-monthly treatment is crucial due to the seasonal changes. They significantly affect the quality of your skin. Regardless of whether you use makeup or not, basic cosmetic treatments and facial cleansing are the first steps in any care program aimed at beautiful, pure, luminous and healthy skin of your face.


Currently, we offer two types of facials: the essential and advanced facials. The essential facials are suitable for normal skin and for a more often application. Advanced facials are problem-oriented and should be done less often. You can choose between the refreshing facial, anti-blackhead treatment, anti-aging, anti-acne, rejuvenating, nurturing, hydrating facial, etc. Some of our advanced facials include cryo-facial therapy and ultrasonic facial. Some of the benefits of regular facials for your skin are:

The products we use

By using biological Eco products for professional skin care, we obtain superb results. The concentration of active ingredients in these products is high. As a result, the effectiveness of our cleansing products is better. They are more powerful than home care products. Your skin gets everything it needs to regenerate itself and look youthful. We recommend regular facial care in our White N Bright Spa and Salon in Thane West if you want to maintain or improve the condition of your skin.

Essential Facials

facial in thane

Advanced Facials

facial in thane

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